Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mark Feinsand on XM takes the high road

On XM with Charley Steiner today general chat about the Yankees. Near the end of the interview Steiner gave him the usual lead in to bash the Yankee payroll...but Feinsand didn't take the bait. Charley got to the nugget about X million dollars in bench players on the team (at this particular moment) chuckling and offering the idea to Feinsand for comment. But he took the "road less traveled"--- laughed a bit, then made the point that "Melky worked his way into the line-up" as an everyday player. IE, Melky could easily have been on the bench for nickels and dimes. When you take a minute to look beyond round-the-clock Yankee payroll bashing, you can actually find other story lines.
  • P.S. You heard it here first.....

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