Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sports Radio pundit discusses White Sox radio broadcasters Farmer & Singleton

"On the baseball broadcasting front, we'll know pretty soon what might become of the Chicago White Sox radio team for next year. Ever since the departure of John Rooney following the 2005 World Series Championship season, the radio broadcasts have gone the way of the team's performance on the field, even if it is a coincidence. It's the unfortunate trend of putting inexperienced former players into a play-by-play situation story all over again, and in this instance, it's on radio.
  • Ed Farmer, now the lead play-by-play man on White Sox radio, was solid as the "number 2" but six innings of PBP the past (almost) 2 seasons seems too much for him. Chris Singleton, completing his 2nd year as "number 2" continues to struggle with 3 innings of play-by-play, compounded by Farmer stepping in over him at least once per inning. Word is that the White Sox will make a determination within the next month about renewing or not renewing Singleton. They should admit that putting a former player with little to no broadcasting experience into a big market play-by-play role was not the direction to take. At this point, the use of only former players and lack of a true PBP man in both their TV and radio booths has really hurt this year, since the team's performance is not going to carry a broadcast and telecast on its own. It is for Chicago. It shouldn't be this difficult to find a national level play-by-play announcer to fill the radio void, let alone the TV situation."
Comments by Dave Kohl, RadioRecordings.com, 8/28/07via RadioDailyNews.com

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