Tuesday, August 07, 2007

2003 season opened with Blue Jays dislocating Derek Jeter's shoulder

The ESPN "news services" story from 4/3/03 is conflicted--they called C Huckaby's collision with Jeter "violent" at first (Huckaby having raced in full body armor from his position as catcher to block third base into which Jeter was sliding unarmed). Then, they said Huckaby "fell"--which isn't consistent with violently dislocating an athlete's shoulder. They seem to blame Jeter for "diving head first" rather than Huckaby for doing a third baseman's job with full body armor. The article notes Jeter was left in a heap on the field unable to move for 10 minutes before the Blue Jays medical assistance decided to show up.
  • "Cashman told ESPNEWS on Tuesday that the Yankees won't know until after Thursday's MRI if Jeter's dislocated shoulder will keep him out longer. He was injured in New York's season opener Monday night after a violent collision at third base with Toronto catcher Ken Huckaby.
Jeter was hurt in the third inning of New York's 8-4 victory over the Blue Jays after sliding headfirst into third base. " (See, it was his fault) "He was down for more than 10 minutes, writhing in pain and surrounded by worried teammates. He was helped onto a cart by trainers Gene Monahan and Steve Donohue, strapped in place sitting upright and taken off the field -- his head bent, his face dripping with sweat.
  • Jeter was trying to advance an extra base on Jason Giambi's comebacker, an attempt to take advantage of Toronto's defense, which was shifted to the right side of the infield.

Huckaby ran up the line to field first baseman Carlos Delgado's throw. Jeter dived headfirst into the bag, and Huckaby fell, his shin guard driving into Jeter's shoulder."

  • (Poor Huckaby).

(ESPN has just redefined what actually happened. No one objects. Most people reading baseball blogs would probably kill themselves for a chance to work at the monopoly that is ESPN).

The score for this is not yet even, if you ask me.

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