Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Thought Mariano Rivera "was done...."

  • This person is an acknowledged baseball expert--has a great website, etc. Worked at ESPN, however. His post today says he thought Rivera was "done" in April. Why not, The Baseball Writers Assn. and ESPN gave this idea 24/7 coverage. David's post from his website:
"Mariano Rivera comes on in a one run games and retires the side in order on three strikeouts in the ninth. Mariano now has a 1.35 ERA since the start of May.
  • He looked like he might be done in April, but he's bounced back very well.
Maybe the Yankees should give him an extra month of spring training to prepare himself from now on. Over the last two seasons, opponents hit .300 against him in April, .217 the rest of the way." I politely added my comment to the group, that Rivera hasn't thrown over the winter for a few years. Unlike others with the freedom to compile easy "save stats" for awards during the regular season, he's now in his 13th consecutive year of being expected to pitch in both the regular and post season. Aside from that, he's no longer an employee of the Yankees after this season, so they have nothing to say about how he spends his future time.

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