Sunday, August 05, 2007

Dave Campbell--Mets or Cubs fans in "witness protection program?"

On the Mets-Cubs game tonight around 9:32PM on ESPN radio, Dan Shulman says Mets fans in the stands at Wrigley have just been shouted down by Cubs fans. Apparently Mets fans were chanting, "Let's Go Mets," to which Cub fans took issue. Either Dan or Dave then said the same thing would happen at Shea Stadium if it were a Cubs-Mets game (the home team would silence the out-of-towners). Then Dave Campbell says,
  • "They'd be in the witness protection program--that's the only difference."
I think Dave meant this about Mets fans, which would be news to me. I thought people in witness protection programs were sent to out of the way places where one can be anonymous. Perhaps Dave has more knowledge in this area.

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