Friday, July 27, 2007

On news of Cliff Lee being sent down, revisit the wisdom of Sheldon Ocker

Guardians of Baseball, the "conscience" and keeper of "morals" of baseball-- The NY Times included "keeper" Sheldon Ocker's comments on Cliff Lee and Mariano Rivera re: the Cy Young awards in 2005 and I posted them at that time. Ocker says he didn't vote for Mariano Rivera because he's been too successful. (Note: THE NY TIMES DOES NOT ALLOW ITS EMPLOYEES TO VOTE ON BASEBALL AWARDS): "In the NY Times today (11/9/05), (Tyler) Kepner reports there were 6 "writers" that didn't even mention Rivera on their ballot,
  • including Sheldon Ocker of the Akron Beacon Journal
and Corey Brock of The Tacoma News Tribune.
  • Ocker voted as follows: 1. Colon, 2. CLIFF LEE, 3. Buehrle.
  • Ocker is quoted saying that
Rivera's success probably hurt him:
  • "he's had so many good seasons, that, well, it's just another good season for Rivera.""
From my post, 11/9/05
  • If someone shows a lack of character or a lack of morals, I stop associating with them. But Ocker, amongst others, continues to be treated like a normal person and with deference throughout the baseball media. (sm)

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