Friday, July 27, 2007

Chris Russell finally back on XM MLB Channel 175

Just checked and he's on the air right now. Thank God for a few minutes of peace. Fascinating theory of mediocrity someone dreamed up at the channel---"Content over personality." I actually heard it said on 175--that's their philosophy. I worked in radio for many years, never heard that one, but it certainly provides the reason I'm unable to listen to most of the "hosts" they have except Jeff Erickson and Grant Paulsen. Chris Russell provides a bit of life--"personality", but gosh, the guy crams more "content" in than all the others there (except Jeff and Grant). As far as his fandom, I believe I heard him say he was a Mets fan a few years ago on Sporting News Radio. If it makes anyone happy, I heard him say a few weeks ago that he doesn't think Phil Rizzuto beongs in the Hall of Fame. Anyhow, he's the best they've got right now.
  • P.S. I read Hugh Panero's stock options were worth more than $20 million. It's amazing how these guys make their name propping up the downtrodden but in short order are fabulously wealthy. Of course if he's going to hand all the money back in person to downtrodden XM listeners, that's a different story. So far, I haven't read that's happening.

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