Saturday, June 23, 2007

Australian senator suggests drug tests for politicians as well as sport figures

Australian suggests for members of parliament, courtroom judges and lawyers:

  • "Senator Heffernan was inspired to make his call by former addict and junior rugby star Darren Marton, who told his story of redemption at Parliament House on Thursday.

Marton is leading the No Way anti-drugs campaign in sport, as Government ministers lock horns with football executives over their push for a policy of zero tolerance of drugs in sport.

  • The controversial senator insisted he had never seen any evidence of illegal drug-taking in Federal Parliament.

But he believed random drug testing of politicians would be important to act as a deterrent and send a message "that we are fair dinkum serious about stamping out drug use".

  • "We're drug testing our role models and people who have people's lives in their hands like pilots, train drivers, police. It is unacceptable for decision makers to put themselves above the law." When he raised his idea with the Prime Minister, Mr Howard said if he thought there was a problem he would do something about it."
From The Sydney (Aust.) Morning Herald, 6/23/07, by Kerry-Anne Walsh, "MP's Should be Drug Tested: Heffernan"

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