Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hate mongers set the tone on baseball websites

The lowest form of humanity on baseball blogs isn't unique--I posted "Beware the Bloggers' Bile" by Joe Klein of Time, Inc. here on 6/7/07; and "Hate Mongers Taking Over Websites" from Washington Post.com here on 5/15/07. You people have won, long ago, in every venue you populate. Congratulations. It worked. You've altered history in many cases. After 12 very long years of work, a quiet man with an even quieter agent had an article written about him on a website that makes little or no difference to anyone, and by someone who threatens no one in terms of authority. The fact that this pitcher had a syrupy yet otherwise inconsequential article written about him absolutely enraged the chain of command--ie those who set the negative tone on baseball blogs:
I'm glad I read this. I've been trying unsuccessfully to lose weight. After vomiting, I'm already down 1/2 lb. If I read this article once a day for 90 days, I'll be back down to the weight I was when I was 30 and in very good shape."
  • The article about Mariano Rivera was posted to Baseball Think Factory at 9:32AM, and by 9:49AM, the first poster suggested the article would enable him to 'VOMIT' for 90 days. I've described the article--it won't change anyone's mind about Rivera, open anyone's mind, or inform anyone. It was just an article on the website of the TV network that carries the Yankees. It wasn't an ESPN or MLB "poll" extolling the guy--they couldn't handle the mob emailers if that ever happened. It was just a gross enough image to destroy anything good that might have come from the article.
  • By the way, even at Baseball Think Factory many posters would probably agree that Curt Schilling has more knowledge about current pitchers than they do. Seeing what Schilling wrote about Mariano Rivera on his blog 38Pitches.com might have sent some of them to the toilet. Reality is tough:
On 5/25/07 Schilling posted that Rivera in his opinion "is the best closer of all time." (I posted his remarks here on 5/26/07).
  • On 3/27/07, Schilling said on his blog that Rivera was "incredibly underrated," which I posted here on 5/21/07.
Which is why I said you people won. People actually in the game wouldn't agree with you, but you control the media. The average person--either due to passivity or lack of time--isn't going to do anything about it.

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