Friday, June 22, 2007

Midsummer Biz Opp. as Allen H. (Bud) counts down...Raissman

NY Daily News' Bob Raissman notes the upcoming All-Star game and hype:

  • "It is a complete made-for-TV farce.

Once called the Midsummer Classic, the All-Star Game is a shlocked-up bazaar - a series of promotions serving as a platform for major corporations, MLB's corporate partners, to market their products.

  • All-Star baseball is just an excuse for MLB to cater to its business partners. You want "overkill"? Just look at the All-Star Home Run Derby, which was created for the sake of ESPN. And remember, Bud (Nutty Professor) Selig and the Players Association sold out to Fox, mandating the game be played for World Series home-field advantage, after the Foxies whined over lousy All-Star ratings.
Then they all tried conning the public into believing this was all about putting meaning back into the All-Star Game."

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