Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Garbus appeared via telephone on Savage's radio show to discuss first amendment protections that may apply to Imus' lawsuit against CBS Radio. Garbus has many years' experience in the field going back to comedian Lenny Bruce. Garbus highlights:
  • Imus' contract stated he was to deliver controversial material.
  • The owners had a dump button and the audio was on a delay. They chose not to use the button, although Garbus says they're now claiming they didn't have one. He names a recent example of some audio connected to Chris Matthews that proves they did have one.
  • Imus' contract also said the owner could "edit" his material as they saw fit.
  • If CBS Radio had "just cause" to terminate, they were required to give one warning in writing noting the objectionable offense, which they did not do. Is taken for granted that in many hours of radio talking, there will be slip ups.
  • GARBUS NOTES MANAGEMENT SHAKE-UP AT CBS RADIO. The Imus incident happened in the middle of this. This point was mentioned but not highlighted by the Wall Street Journal. When I read it, I highlighted the fact on this blog as the main reason events took place as they did.
  • GARBUS MENTIONS THE SEPARATE ISSUE OF CBS 'IMPAIRMENT' TO IMUS ABILITY TO DO THE KIND OF WORK HE DID: ie: Interviewing presidents, senators and personalities of all viewpoints.
  • Savage also notes Garbus' new book on his view of the Supreme Court. Garbus is convinced the FDR era was the best. At this point his views go so far off the deep end I won't even comment. But he makes complete sense on the Imus issues.

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