Saturday, May 12, 2007

Good story on Twins radio about what a schmuck Billy Ripken was

Listening to the Twins game on XM today, great story involving weasel Billy Ripken, Twins manager Tom Kelly, and pitcher Scott Erickson. It's mostly told by the color guy whose name I didn't hear but may've been Dan Gladden, as he spoke about his own experience on the Twins and with Tom Kelly as manager at the time of the Ripken pay-back.
  • It was the opinion of Tom Kelly and most of the team at the time that Billy Ripken had deliberately hit a Twins player in the face. It might've been a short stop, and Ripken threw a ball directly and willfully to damage an opposing player. The Twins radio color guy today tells the story.
He's at the point where it's now 3 years since Billy Ripken damaged a Twins player and Tom Kelly has been counting the minutes for the right time to pay him back. Kelly had been saying for 3 years that they wouldn't forget what Ripken did and would let him know it. 'Dan' mentions a Twins pitcher named Allan Anderson whom Kelly expected to participate in the pay-back but who failed in his opportunity to do so while on the mound. Following that particular game, Kelly had a closed-door meeting with the team, saying Anderson was selfish and had let the team down.
  • Some time after the Anderson whimp-out, the Twins found their man for the job: pitcher Scott Erickson (a known plunker). Erickson made little Billy pay (hit the deck or feel the pain in some fashion) TWICE IN 1 GAME. Tom Kelly was said to be pleased, as he had waited 3 years to give coward Billy Ripken his calling card.

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