Tuesday, April 03, 2007

BOBBY MURCER's Route to the YES Network--NY Daily News

  • Commenting on Murcer's presence in the broadcast booth on Yankee opening day, NY Daily News' Raissman:
"Between innings, some Murcer highlights were played for the sellout Stadium crowd. They reacted by giving him a standing ovation. Some Yankee players stood, too, cheered, and pointed to the broadcast booth. YES replayed the scene, which included Murcer saluting the fans.
  • ...Nonetheless, when YES geniuses began assembling their broadcast team, they wanted no part of Murcer. George Steinbrenner wound up interceding on his behalf - prior to two separate seasons - to make sure he was in the booth.

That's harsh reality. So is the battle Murcer still must wage. Yesterday, Kay reminisced about the days when Murcer played on terrible Yankee teams.

"Bobby," Kay said, "you were the fans' beacon of light."

He still is." (NY Daily News)

  • (IT TOOK NOTHING LESS THAN STEINBRENNER'S INTERVENTION ON 2 SEPARATE OCCASIONS TO GET MURCER BACK IN THE BOOTH. I'm personally not attached to Murcer, but most know he's very popular with Yankee fans).

Quote from Bob Raissman's NY Daily News column, 4/3/07, "YES! Murcer Return a Big Hit."**************

Addendum: Detail on Murcer's original entree into the broadcast booth: George makes the call...
  • "Murcer recounted his unusual introduction to his broadcasting career, which came while he was still an active player. Steinbrenner called him in his hotel room during a 1983 road trip. The Yankees were having injury problems at first base. "We've got to have some strength there," Murcer recalled Steinbrenner saying. "You know we're in a pennant race, right?"

What appeared to be a pep talk was actually a request - would Murcer retire and move into the broadcast booth so the Yankees could use his roster spot? "We've got a kid named Mattingly," Steinbrenner told Murcer. "You think about it and I'll call you back in 30 minutes."

Exactly 30 minutes later, Murcer's phone rang. "You know I'm not putting any pressure on you, right?" Steinbrenner said.

"I accepted," Murcer recalled, prompting laughs from the audience."

  • NY Daily News article by Anthony McCarron, 4/4/07

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