Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Seattle Mariners "Voices" overlap TV and Radio

I enjoyed hearing the Seattle Mariners radio voices & noted it here on March 20th, wishing I could tell you their names. I'd looked around, could only find references to "broadcasters," which seemed low-class to me. Take an extra few seconds and identify the guy as a radio voice or tv voice. Is this something the team is trying to sweep under the rug? Charley Steiner on XM today had a Seattle Mariners' "voice" on named Dave Sims. I listened closely but heard no reference to either TV or radio, and Charley at the end just identified him as a "broadcaster." By now, I'm furious. I don't like my time being wasted by baseball owners. What is the point of not telling an interview show whether your guy is on radio or tv? Now after spending more time looking into this, I find out the Mariners use their guys for both TV and radio on every game. I'll pass on saying how ridiculous that is. So, I still don't know whom I heard a few weeks ago, but this is what I read in the Seattle PI:
  • Radio 1-3 Inning: Dave Sims and Rick Rizzs
  • Radio 4-9 Inning: Dave Niehaus and Rick Rizzs
The tv voices are listed in the linked article along with good reader comments. The M's local radio station is KOMO, but if you go to KJR you can hear former relief pitcher Jeff Nelson doing a post-game show many nights. He also has his own weekly solo show on KJR, Thurs. 12N-1P.
  • From Seattle Post-Intelligencer article , "Sims settling in to new Broadcast Gig," 4/1/07 by Jon Naito.

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