Sunday, April 08, 2007

FanGraphs today says MVP of Yanks past 3 years: Mariano Rivera

Fangraphs.com discusses Arod's grand slam and his contribution to the Yanks' overall WPA the past 3 seasons (has interesting graphs to illustrate). At the end of this analysis, for those interested in reality, David Appelman has this about Arod:
  • "Whether you like him(Arod) or not, he has been the most valuable Yankees batter according to WPA the past 3 seasons including the few games played this season.
  • Of course, Mariano Rivera bests him by half-a-win with a WPA of 11.73."
  • "Since joining the Yankees, he's still the 9th most valuable player in baseball according to WPA. If we look at just the Yankees batters since 2004, he ranks first in terms of WPA."
  • So Arod has highest Win Probability Added among Yankee hitters, but is beaten overall by Mariano Rivera.
Quote from FanGraphs.com 4/8/07 by David Appelman. "Unlike 2006: Arod Wins the Game."
  • This post is for historical reference and will come in handy in the distant future. A few will discuss this subject up to a point, but will drop it if pressed. As in the article here, it's only mentioned at the very end and without elaboration or comment.

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