Sunday, March 25, 2007

DirecTV Selling MLB Extra Innings now @ $160; Hi-Def=$39 more

Washington, D.C. (March 25, 2007)by Phillip Swann -- "DIRECTV says it will offer up to 10 'Extra Innings' baseball games each week this season in High-Definition. But it will cost you an extra $39 to watch them.
  • The satcaster is now selling the basic 2007 MLB Extra Innings package online for $160. (After April 7, the price goes up $40.) The package includes up to 60 'out of market' games a week.
For an extra $39, DIRECTV viewers can get the 'Super Fan' version of the package, which includes:
  • * Up to 10 games a week in high-def;
  • *Up to eight games on one screen with DIRECTV's "Game Mix" channel;
  • *The "Strike Zone Channel," which shows highlights from live games.
MLB and DIRECTV reached an agreement this month that said the satcaster could have the package exclusively if other TV providers did not match the offer. DIRECTV is planning to show most of the games in High-Definition by 2008. Baseball officials said last week that it rejected an offer to carry the package from the cable TV provider In Demand. Unless MLB accepts a new offer from a cable company or satcaster EchoStar by March 31, DIRECTV can offer Extra Innings exclusively."

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