Friday, March 23, 2007

Racetrack in China features Poison Dart Shooter aimed at Horses--Reuters

Buying the hype that China's a great place for MLB, Inc. to spend fans' money? It's something quite different than they want you to think. Elaborate systems to poison horses--suspected 'gambling' interests involved.
  • HONG KONG - "Police in Hong Kong are investigating an elaborate device found embedded in the turf at a world-famous horse track apparently designed to shoot poison darts at the animals at the start of a race.

A track supervisor unearthed the device on Wednesday morning while making routine checks of the starting points for races scheduled that evening at the Happy Valley racetrack, the Hong Kong Jockey Club said in a statement.

The remote controlled shooter included 12 metal tubes, each a foot long, filled with darts buried in the grass under the spot where the starting gates would be situated for 3,937-foot races on Wednesday night."

Article from MSNBC.com by Reuters, 3/22/07

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