Friday, March 23, 2007

Bochy asks for more than 1 inning from his new closer

"Even reliever Armando Benitez, who occasionally bristled under Alou, has sounded agreeable to starting fresh under Bochy. Relating his discussion with Bochy about pitching more than one inning in save situations -- which some closers are reluctant to do -- Benitez said, "I told him, 'Yeah, no problem.'" from MLB.com, "Giants players appreciate Bochy's faith," 3/23/07.
  • I looked on Baseball Reference and Benitez has considerable experience working more than 1 inning as a closer. You wonder why the press (with continual help from Goose Gossage) flogs a false belief. Closers from the mid 90's til the present day frequently come in with men on base and give more than 3 outs to their team.
  • Business is booming for closers who can pitch more than 1 inning.

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