Sunday, January 21, 2007

Will the new Yankee Stadium provide a mosque for Islamic attendees?

The Chicago Tribune had the following report: (Hint--Islam is taking over your sports arenas--not Christian or Jewish prayer rooms--that would be "insensitive"):

"As the Ohio State Buckeyes pummeled the Northwestern Wildcats on Ryan Field last November, senior Amir Siddiqui and his friends slipped below the bleachers, removed their shoes and knelt on pieces of poster board to pray.

As the sea of purple cheered and jeered above, Siddiqui tuned out the world around him to perform salaat, the Islamic ritual prayer that faithful Muslims recite five times daily.

Siddiqui will do the same in Welsh-Ryan Arena next week when the Buckeyes basketball team goes up against the Wildcats. But rather than pray amid raucous crowds, some Muslim students are pressing Northwestern’s athletic department to set aside a secluded space for the ritual, or grant them permission to come and go from the arena before the buzzer.

“If we attend the game in its entirety, we would miss one of our five daily prayers,” said Siddiqui, president of the Muslim cultural Student Association. “I can leave the game early, come later, or pray somewhere in the stadium on dirty floors with lots of noise and lots of people around, which isn’t a huge problem. But we’d love to have a small area.”

I read this report from the Chicago Tribune on Friday, 1/19/07, but have been unable to find it again on their website. The above from the Tribune is from Little Green Footballs. Mosques have to be in special places--don't just hand them anything. As in Athens, Greece (for you globalists): "However, the new proposed location -- a former navy base -- remains questionable. The area also has been earmarked for a new football stadium,
  • and some argue that placing the mosque so close to the organised violence of Greek football is unwise." Tsk Tsk.
But you don't care. The US has been feminized, which is why no one has to fight us. You roll over. I'll bet $5 that in your lifetime, you'll see an American Baseball game stopped for Islamic prayer. Why? There's absolutely no one willing to say no to it.

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