Sunday, October 22, 2006

Murray Chass tries to hook you with a misleading headline, "When Pitchers Needed Less Rest in the Postseason"

Murray Chass throws out this headline in hopes of grabbing you---after all, this is one of the media guys' favorite ways to waste your time. I foolishly think I'll find out something helpful or meaningful on the topic.
  • No luck, on top of which it's very misleading. In talking mainly about his limited sample of Mickey Lolich in the 1968 World Series, he never mentions there were no other levels of post season play until 1969.
  • The pressure pitchers are under in 2 additional levels of postseason play should be mentioned in comparing 1968 to 2006.
  • Also, 1968 was the only year Lolich appeared in the World Series. He was only in the post season 1 other time, the LCS in 1972.
  • Lolich never even appeared in an All Star game, another tax on pitchers, until 1971.
Lolich sounds like a tremendous pitcher, but the thesis of the article is not handled. Chass is only talking about 1 year anyway, not enough to make a case. from the NY Times' Murray Chass 10/22/06

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