Thursday, October 19, 2006

PodZinger--Boston radio lets you doublecheck what they say

Holy smokes! Accountability in broadcasting, and Boston has it first: If you missed the Big Show or any other program on WEEI-WVEI, you can listen to replays at www.weei.com. A couple of months ago, WEEI (850 AM) and sister station WRKO (680 AM) became
  • the nation's first two radio stations to add PodZinger technology, enabling listeners to use key words to search for particular segments or subjects of interest within hours of their original broadcast-at no cost. The replays will also enable fans to prove any misstatements that Gerry Callahan, Glenn Ordway or any other WEEI personality make on the air. Comments no longer vanish into the air as soon as they'’re made. Now they'’re a matter of record.
from this month's Boston Sports Review, via BostonSportsMedia.com
  • It didn't say how long info is accessible.

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