Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Veteran Sports Writer Jerry Izenberg: Today's writers into hairspray

Star-Ledger of Newark's Jerry Izenberg, veteran of 55 years of sports writing, discussing changes he's seen. From Editor and Publisher by Joe Strupp, 9/19/06:
  • "When asked how sports columnists have changed in the 55 years since he began, Izenberg contends many are too filled with their own image. "We're not the story," he claims. "Someone once told me, 'don't fall in love with yourself because the difference between you and Hemingway is tomorrow you will be lining a garbage can'-- and he was right." Izenberg says sports columnists have gone through three periods. First, the "gee-whiz" stage, when athletes were only heroic figures. Next, the "screw-you" stage, when writers sought to attack them most of the time. Now it is the "look-at-me" stage. "Hairspray began to outweigh words," he contends. "

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