Monday, September 18, 2006

Maury Brown on Fantasy Focus with Jeff Erickson

On Jeff's show earlier today, he hosted the editor of the new BizofBaseball.com site (it's about many different aspects of baseball business). I listened closely while the 2 talked about the upcoming CBA, and, as usual it seems my worst fears are being realized. Re: revenue sharing, Maury casually mentioned that "increasing the percentages" is being discussed. If he means what I think he means, the pathetic Yankee fan without a peep will roll over and pay more money for other teams' limos, summer houses and whims of idiot sons. He mentions the current recipients of the 50% on the dollar (Maury didn't name any figure, but this is accurate--the $200 million Yankee payroll automatically generated $100 million for other teams in revenue sharing and luxury tax) tax on the Yankees have just said that various things can contribute to enhancing the team. So, the idea of accountability is not raised. Why not? Why is this passed over in the discussion?
  • Because in socialism, a huge, all powerful bureaucracy makes tons of money, does whatever it wants, and treats the taxpayers (the Yankee fans) exactly like slaves. And the slaves are so beaten down and malleable, they just keep saying, 'beat me some more.' Thanks a bunch to the pathetic Yankee fan base. (As I said, Maury didn't seem troubled by this probability).

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