Wednesday, September 13, 2006

"Special" to ESPN.com...Isn't every copywriter?

Philly Rogers is "special" to ESPN.com. Philly shows you baseball awards are ONLY about drawing attention to the pathetic "voter." He's a celebrity--he uses the standard lie about how they see "all the games." Right. Why not boycott all ESPN advertisers until Rogers and all other so-called 'local' writers provide proof of this along with publication of their ballot? He votes every year for MVP? If there are only 2 votes per market per league, and he being from Chicago, how does he get to vote every year? I thank Fire Joe Morgan for illuminating this quote from Philly:
  • "I vote, and I await the backlash, which annually comes on two fronts: from outraged fans of runner-up players and from statistical analysts whose computers see things those of us in the Baseball Writers Association of America sometimes miss. Perhaps we are too busy at the ballpark covering games." 9/12/06 Extra "Special" to espn.com

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