Sunday, September 10, 2006

The YES Network gives all the glory to another team's pitcher, not that there's anything wrong with that...

I like getting news about other teams, but on the YES Network, it's more than that. Today they love Johan Santana to pieces, and are doing their best to drum up Cy Young votes for him (something they'd never do for the Yankees' own best pitcher, as I've detailed). At the end of the post game show today they show a lingering, loving look at Santana as he leaves the field, doffing his cap, wiping sweat from his brow, and waving to the fans. But this is just a promo, folks. They go to a break and come back with a detailed rundown of what a great job Santana did (of course he took himself out after 6.1 innings, but don't linger on that). The YES Network, again clearly shows there's no reason for their existence from a Yankee fan's perspective. They've never and would never give this kind of coverage to the Yankee pitcher who deserves it most, which is my point. This network is a fraud and should be closed down.

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