Monday, September 25, 2006

Dan Graziano desperately wants to be noticed, uses Yankees in vain attempt

Once again, his small voice dripping with hatred, this BBWAA voter begs to be the star. Notice me, he cries. This isn't a debate, as the BBWAA copywriters/ESPN/MLB types constantly tell you. If you think it's a debate, you'll sell ads for them, create controversy, fill up space and time TALKING ABOUT THEM. For the ignorant and uninformed, here's yet another example of a "New York writer" who needs attention so badly that he'll never vote for a Yankee for any post season award. THESE GUYS ARE LIFETIME POLITICOS. THE LAST THING THEY SHOULD BE DOING IS VOTING ON ANYTHING, INCLUDING DOG CATCHER. In case you missed it on XM today, Graziano (of the Star Ledger of Newark, New Jersey) told Chuck Wilson he doesn't think Derek Jeter is "there" in terms of being an MVP. ("There," is even more analysis than this "conscience" of the game feels you're entitled to---it's all about Dan). THIS HAPPENS BECAUSE YOU ARE TOO LAZY TO DO ANYTHING TO STOP IT.
  • You can say anything to Chuck Wilson--he won't question it in a broadcast format. He doesn't have the confidence for much give and take in this setting. (If it's a subject about which he's prepared and has an opinion, my experience is he may express it in a mild manner after the guest is gone). He let Graziano off the hook today and in last September's sad remarks. Last September's remarks were actionable, in my opinion.

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