Monday, September 25, 2006

Print & Broadcast media jobs tough to get in Boston

"Just last month, Radio One Inc. decided to sell off its Boston station 97.7 WILD-FM to Entercom Communications Corp. for $30 million. Entercom promptly replaced the urban music format in order to simulcast WAAF-FM (107.3) on the signal, leading to further job losses.
Meanwhile, both the Herald and the Boston Globe have gone through their own cuts and rounds of buyouts recently.
The heavy consolidation, coupled with a migration of ad dollars moving online, can make finding a job in broadcast or print journalism daunting, said Ted Wayman, a former anchor for Channel 38’s (WSBK-TV) now-defunct “Morning Show.”
“The jobs are becoming fewer and fewer because the revenue streams of those markets are being slashed and are going online.”
“I quickly realized (media outlets) are not hiring a lot of people,” he added. “And I’ll also tell you . . . they want you to work cheaper.”
Those who lose a media job in Boston have to consider moving out of town or even moving out of the industry to find work, said one local TV executive.
But Boston is a microcosm of the industry nationwide.
Consolidation and staff cuts are quickly becoming a fact of life in the nation’s media." From article by Jesse Noyes, Boston Herald, Sept. 25, 2006

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