Friday, September 22, 2006

Overheard on Red Sox radio Thursday night, Sept. 21st

Minnesota Twins at Boston Red Sox, Johan Santana pitching. Joe Castiglione, Jerry Trupiano, and another yet to be identified voice. (But you knew the guest voice in the booth was someone special). Johan Santana was involved in a mess that Joe Castiglione (and probably lots of other people) said would be 2 errors on the pitcher. Paraphrasing Castiglione:
  • Yes, the official scorer records that as 2 errors on the pitcher, Santana.
The guest in the booth has remained silent throughout the protracted mess involving Santana. Finally, Castiglione says to the guest:
  • "Do you agree that it's 2 errors on the pitcher?"
Without hesitation, he says:
  • "NO. I think the ruling will be changed."
So, not only does the guest give a differing view, HE PREDICTS THE RULING WILL BE CHANGED, only seconds after it had been made.
  • Within a few minutes, Castiglione says: "The official scorer has just changed that to only 1 error on the pitcher....."
When the inning was finally over, the guest was identified as JOSEPH MICHAEL MORGAN, who'll be inducted into the Red Sox Hall of Fame on November 9th.

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