Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Jack Curry must be pitching a job at ESPN or MLB--dumps on Yanks

NY Times Jack Curry is revolted and delighted--he's given space to write a long article but assumes we all forgot what happened to US pitchers in the WBC. His breathless, dramatic opening salvo: Philip Hughes should sacrifice his life and career--mainly because he's the only pitching prospect in the Yankee system--to Bob Watson and HIS team. Curry believes the US/MLB team manager is actually in charge of Phillip Hughes--not Hughes himself of course, and certainly not his family, his team mates or his employer. (Is Curry going to pay all the expenses associated with the loss of a team's #1 prospect should that occur?) Curry is so immersed with the anti-Yankee crowd he can't see straight. He's back on the note that they're of course un-American, selfish pigs for not giving him up for the US National team. Farther down the page, Jack notes Brian Cashman says the Yankees were never even asked about Philip Hughes. Curry weaves some snide remarks from Bob Watson into his ragout, trying to build some more intrigue there.
  • Hey, Curry, pitchers are dropping like flies all over the league, or are you too busy pitching a job at ESPN or just trying to be one of their cabal--to notice.
  • Jack--it seems MLB has got your number--they got you to pretend the WBC never happened, & millions of dollars of pitching talent was ripped from its fans without comment or compensation.
  • Hey, Jack, why don't you just break Phillip Hughes' arms so he can't pitch at all--but then, what would you write your pandering, elitist articles about?
I hope Brian Cashman doesn't fall for this simpering garbage.

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