Sunday, June 18, 2006

When will Yankee fans care?

A large portion of the Yankee fan's hard earned dollar goes right into the pocket of other teams' owners, not to mention politicians, etc. But, the Yankee fan doesn't seem to mind being robbed & ridiculed. And they plan taking even more from you, meaning you'll continue to have an inadequate team on the field. Each day the lies & bias against Yankee players will continue on this station and the monopolistic espn. Who's getting the luxuries from the luxury tax? Everyone but the Yankee fan. Selig has been in charge since 1992--that's a long time--and he views the Yankee team & its fans as his personal bank account. Try to say 1 word about it & he & the rest will slap you back in your place with a few words. And you all shrink back like a scolded child & say NOTHING.

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