Wednesday, March 29, 2006

SI.com sells something totally original---Hatred

They have a new article out---they put "Hate" in the headline & the first sentence of the article. They must be desperate for business--yes, HATE sells. It's not that people HATE the Yankees or any other team. IT'S THAT MEDIA FRAME THE ISSUE day after day, feeding misleading or incorrect information to people who don't have time to check up on it. Or, they're inadequate & find it easier to HATE someone else than to look at themselves. A cheap publication and behind the times. IN CASE YOU HAVEN'T HEARD...YOU WON. YOU GOT THE YANKEE MONEY IN MILLIONS FOR REVENUE SHARING & MORE FOR LUXURY TAX. ALL INTERNET SERVICES & REVENUES ARE CONTROLLED BY MLB, MLB.COM, AND MLB ADVANCED MEDIA. WHAT'S BEING DONE WITH ALL THE MONEY YOU'RE TAKING OUT OF YANKEE FANS' POCKETS, EXACTLY?

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