Thursday, February 02, 2006

Rob Neyer ESPN.com insider on XM

Interesting idea on how to judge late inning relief pitchers: Pitcher comes in with a man on 1st & 3rd and 1 out. What happens? Add this kind of thing up for a season, plus runs scored with that P, & you'd get a better idea about the best late inning relievers or closers. Rob nevertheless is satisfied to say the current system of judging won't change. I don't know why he'd say that--anything is possible. Rob's main criterion on a Hall of Famer is: "Was he a Top 10 player at his position of all time?" In this regard, he says Frank Thomas & Jeff Bagwell both qualify. Neyer says Oakland is the best team in the west, & would've won last year if had been healthy. Re: Angels, says good rookies are stacked up to take Adam Kennedy's & Orlando Cabrera's spots. Rob has come out with a new book, "The Big Book of Baseball Blunders."

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