Thursday, February 02, 2006

"I cannot take it to Wall St.:" Natwar M. Gandhi, CFO, Washington DC on Nationals deal

This in response to the recent mediated offering from mlb to Washington, DC. "The new document deleted a monetary reserve account Wall St. bond raters had requested." I became dizzy reading this account in the Washington Post from Jan. 28. 3 construction companies would be involved---with certain limits but many liberties. (How many no show jobs was that--paid for by fans & wage slaves?) And, "the Anacostia Waterfront Corp., ESTABLISHED BY (DC Mayor)WILLIAMS TO OVERSEE DEVELOPMENT OF THE WATERFRONT AREA NEAR THE BALLPARK, WOULD COVER ANY COST OVERRUNS on acquiring the needed 14 acres by SELLING DEVELOPMENT RIGHTS ON THE STADIUM SITE." The next vote of course is Feb. 7. I want to see the check books AND tax returns of everyone involved in this deal.

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