Monday, November 21, 2005

Roch Kubatko on the Baltimore Orioles

Now, Roch Kubatko from the Baltimore Sun discusses the Orioles' future. Says Sosa and Palmeiro won't be back. Leo Mazzone and Sam Perlazzo were best men at each other's wedding. Re: Carlos Delgado: he doesn't think it's likely... too much left on Delgado's contract, and would have to give up too much. Management is not high on AJ Burnett. More likely to look at Paul Byrd or Kevin Millwood. And, will wait until after Dec. 7 to avoid giving up draft picks. Says they're undecided about Eric Byrnes & his problems with right-handed pitching, though thinks Byrnes has been moved to too many teams, & might improve if allowed to stay with the Birds for a full year.

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