Friday, October 28, 2005

Technical difficulties

Tuned in today at 1pm to hear The Beat with Charley Steiner. He had Jayson Stark and John Rooney on tap; Rooney the long-time White Sox announcer who will not be continuing with the team after this season. The XM phones weren't working, so Steiner couldn't hook up with anyone. So, for awhile we heard replays of earlier interviews. At 2PM, Rooney came on, was happy to be part of the celebrations, but disappointed that he'll no longer be with the White Sox. Later, Charley had Jerry Crasnick from ESPN.com, who predicted that Theo and Lucchino will get back together. Steiner's XM producer, Brent, showed a great example of the loss of professionalism in broadcasting today. During the extended time trying to hook up the phones, he was childlike, giggling, not helpful, and vague. This shows you how management thinks. Steiner was trying to run a professional operation. Whomever Brent reports to doesn't care about that kind of thing.

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