Monday, October 24, 2005

I can't take it

I'm listening to The Show on XM MLB--today with Rob Dibble and Orestes. They had Charley Steiner on for a few minutes earlier, now Kevin Kennedy has joined. They spoke about the closers on last night's Astros-White Sox game. These guys will normally avoid mentioning Mariano Rivera's name like the plague. Although, everyone knows Mariano is the greatest relief pitcher in baseball history, most of these pundits would rather drink a gallon of Drano than say so. But, today, I give all gratitude to Charley Steiner, who brought up how the long, successful path of Mariano becomes more astounding as we go along seeing the humanity of other closers in the post season. Not saying Mo is perfect, but the disrespect he gets from most of these guys is disgusting. Dibble practically choked, could not and would not say a word in response.

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