Friday, May 27, 2016

Bobby Ojeda from 1986 Mets World Series team on WFAN with Mike Francesa, Fri., May 27, 2016

Fri., May 27, 2016, Bobby Ojeda on WFAN with Mike Francesa talks about this weekend's celebration of the 1986 Mets and his views on the 2016 team. Bobby Ojeda. On the topic of Matt Harvey, Ojeda says he's a fan of Harvey, but that if Harvey can't straighten himself out in his next game, he should be sent to Las Vegas. Referring to Harvey's 2015 post season, Ojeda says it was wrong of Harvey in WS game 5, 9th inning, score 2-0 Mets, to beg his manager in the dugout to leave him in the game. Harvey went back out, jumped on the pitching rubber, and hasn't been the same since. He began by walking the next batter. The Mets finally lost in 12 innings.

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