Friday, April 04, 2014

SiriusXM radio hosts Opie and Anthony lose their health insurance due to ObamaCare

4/3/14, "Radio Hosts Opie and Anthony Call for ‘Revolution’ over Obamacare Cancellations," MediaIte, Noah Rothman

"SiriusXM Radio’s Gregg Hughes and Anthony Cumia, hosts of the popular Opie & Anthony Show, blew up on Thursday over the Affordable Care Act’s insurance coverage requirements which have resulted in the cancellations of both host’s plans. They wondered why the American people have not yet engaged in “revolution” over this issue."...


4/3/14, "Opie and Anthony Explode Over Obamacare," Washington Free Beacon, Staff
"Demand ‘Revolution’" (explicit language)

“I was fighting an imaginary person in my apartment,” exclaimed co-host Greg “Opie” Hughes when describing his frustration with filling out the voluminous paperwork that accompanied the cancellation of his previous health plan.

“Finally, after all these years, I had perfect health insurance and now I have to re-do the whole thing, it’s ridiculous!” Hughes exclaimed.

The typically apolitical radio hosts spent the majority of their opening hour expressing anger with the cancellation of their plans and taking calls from listeners who also had their health insurance policies cancelled.

A sample of the must-hear and occasionally explicit audio is embedded above." via Free Rep.

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