Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Carlos Beltran gets first John Sterling home run call-Updated with "Correazo" clarification by commenter, 'a blow with a leather strap or thong'. Updated 4/12/14, 4/13/14, with Beltran's 2nd, 3rd, +++ Yankee HR, stays with 'correazo'

7/3/14, Carlos Beltran hit a 3 run home run v Minnesota Twins in the top of the fifth. John Sterling stayed with the

"Un.............CORREAZO by Beltran! A 3 run blast!"


6/29/14, Carlos Beltran hit a solo home run v Red Sox at the Stadium in the bottom of the 4th making the score 4-3 Red Sox. John Sterling stayed with his original Beltran tag:

"Un....CORREAZO......by Beltran!!!"

Related: This is an ESPN game. Local Yankee radio on WFAN with John and Suzyn is at least ten seconds ahead of ESPN's TV broadcast. Some prefer exact simulcasts but I find it very interesting to know what's going to happen before the players and commentators on tv do. When they finally "catch up," you get to experience a big moment twice. Or, if it's a moment you'd like to forget, you can turn the tv off and never see it.


6/20/14, Carlos Beltran hit a 3 run walk off home run v Orioles. John Sterling didn't do the "un correazo" this time. As a game-ender perhaps it had a built-in abundance of description, though Mr. Sterling did say, "Beltran Belted One," as he described Yankee teammates greeting Beltran at the plate. Final 5-3 Yankees over Orioles at the Stadium. Time of game, 3:38.


4/13/14, Carlos Beltran hit a 2 run home run at the Stadium v Red Sox, Sunday night. Final, 3-2 Yankees. John Sterling's call:

"It is high, it is far, it is gone! Carlos Beltran drilled one into the left field seats, a two run home run! Un correazo by Beltran, and the Yankees take a 2-1 lead."


4/12/14, John Sterling stayed with "correazo" for his second Beltran call, 1st inning, 2 run HR v Red Sox, final 7-4 Yankees:

"Swung on there it goes! Deep right center it is high, it is far, it is gone! Oh what a shot by Beltran to deep right center field. Un correazo by Beltran, and the Yankees take a 2 nothing lead."

John Sterling's first call of a Carlos Beltran home run, Wed., April 9, 2014, bottom of the second, Orioles at Yankees, final 5-4 Orioles:

"Swung on and hit in the air to deep right. That ball is high, it is far, it is gone. Second deck! Carlos Beltran gets his first of the year, a long home run in the second deck. Une coriaso [Guessing at spelling] by Beltran!"

"Correazo - a blow with a leather strap or thong." Thanks to Commenter Tony Reyes

Here's link to "correazo" definition kindly provided by Tony Reyes.


Comment: I've tried to find a Spanish translation for "une coriaso" under various spellings or even "uno" coriaso, and found nothing even close. I taped the call from the Yankee radio post game show. The new post game host Sweeny Murti didn't offer any ideas as to what it means.

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