Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Frank Robinson among 11 Cincinnati Reds team members on What's My Line, June 24, 1956 a day the Reds beat Brooklyn Dodgers in both games of doubleheader

On June 24, 1956, 11 Cincinnati Reds were "mystery guests" on What's My Line game show. Among the 11 team members was Frank Robinson in his first year in the majors. The team spokesman was 1B Ted Kluszewski. At 3:47 Bennett Cerf guesses they're a baseball team. At 4:00 Arlene Francis guesses "you won today." At 5:40 Arlene guesses it's the Reds. Frank Robinson is seen in a few wide shots beginning at 5:56. At 6:40 Ted introduces team members by name. Ed Bailey hit 3 home runs in the first game v the Dodgers as pointed out by Bennett Cerf. First game final 10-6 Reds. Second game Reds over Dodgers 2-1, Joe Nuxall winning pitcher. In game 1, Robinson scored 3 runs. In game 2, 2-1 Reds, Frank Robinson got 3 hits and one of the two rbi's. 1956 Cincinnati Redlegs team members.


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