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Throwing strikes and worrying about your family back in Venezuela during media blackout

2/18/14, "Throwing strikes and worrying about your family back in Venezuela," Silvio Canto, Jr., American Thinker

"Spring training will have a new meaning for many Venezuelan ballplayers, who must get in shape and keep an eye on the news back home....

Every major league team these days has its share of Venezuelan players. The Texas Rangers have a couple of good ones, young lefty Martin Perez and All Star shortstop Elvis Andrus.  They are torn between events back home and getting ready for the baseball season, according to The Dallas Morning News:

"Just as spring training camps were about to open last week, the country was rocked by a wave of student protests and police retaliation. In the days since, it has only ramped up. On Sunday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, under fire for rising inflation, food shortages and sharp increases in crime, ejected three U.S. diplomats for allegedly helping to fuel the protests, which have turned deadly in some of the country's biggest cities.   

It is against this backdrop that Perez and six other Venezuelan-born players on the Rangers' spring roster prepare for the season. With the exception of Elvis Andrus, who is arriving from Dallas on Tuesday, all the players made it to camp safely. Before Monday's first workout, the Venezuelan contingent, all close, congregated near Robinson Chirinos to talk baseball, but the state of their homeland also came up."..." 

2/17/14, "Rangers' Venezuelan players concerned about safety of family and friends as political unrest uproots home country," Dallas Morning News, Evan Grant, Surprise, Ariz. Twitter @ scantojr.


2/19/14, Bloodshed in Venezuela, Altamira, Caracas shooting 2/19/2014, You Tube

If you think the Canadian embassy in Kyiv is close to the violence, take a look at what happened last night in Caracas.

This is in Plaza Altamira . The Canadian Embassy in Venezuela is across from where this was shot

Having a hard time seeing a peaceful solution to the current situation." comment at You Tube


2/19/14, "Tupamaros en el marqués!"

 "Published on Feb 19, 2014 [civilian murdered at 1:52 per blog below]

Se meten en los edificios, roban, matan y la oposición son los asesinos y fascistas! Dictadura en Venezuela SOS"


via 2/20/14, "Venezuela: Shooting in the streets," faustasblog.com

"Caracas Chronicles has harrowing videos of last night’s events:

TODAY’s MUST-READ: 19F – The Night Venezuela Finally Imploded
It gets worse. In this video [2nd video above], you can see the National Guard murdering a civilian in La Candelaria (at 1:52)"

"From the Caracas Chronicles comments:

Venezuela’s president has shout douwn TV news.
Internet is the only hope for Venezuelans.

We are the media now. PLEASE SHARE. We can do something by sharing this with the world!!
Twitter: JGpunto

News media:

Prosecutors want up to 10 years in prison for Leopoldo López

The Venezuelan opposition leader was charged with the crimes of arson and damages, solicitation to crime and conspiracy. The latter is the most serious one and it is designated in the Organic Law against Organized Crime and Funding of Terrorism, punished by imprisonment for 10 years

The US and Canada bring up Venezuela at the OAS: EEUU y Canadá llevan a OEA caso de Venezuela

Fourth Venezuela Opposition Protester Dies as Demonstrations Continue

At Least Five People, Including a Government Supporter, Have Died Since Demonstrations Turned Violent Last Week

Álvaro Uribe accuses Maduro’s government of “fueling violence”

Uribe called upon the democratic world to require the release “at the earliest possible” of opposition leader Leopoldo López who turned himself into Venezuelan authorities during a demonstration in Caracas


Exclusive: Read the Speech Venezuelan Opposition Leader Leopoldo López Made Before He Was Jailed"


via, 2/21/14, "Venezuela is a lot more than the birth place of great shortstops," American Thinker, Silvio Canto, Jr.

Comment: I appreciate Mr. Canto's efforts but the people running the US now are like Ruling Classes everywhere. They need the masses to be preoccupied with chaos, misery, and death. Susan

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