Friday, November 29, 2013

Cano takes break from contract talks to be with 2013 Dominican Republic World Baseball Classic championship team, DR Pres. Medina hands out rings

11/28/13, ""The triumph of RD in the classic was a balm for us,"" Listin Diario, "THE PRESIDENT PRESENTS THE RINGS AND OFFERING A LUNCH TO DOMINICAN TEAM MEMBERS," Hector J. Cruz
Robinson Cano in front row, 11/27 in DR

"The victory of Dominican Republic in the World Baseball Classic last 2013 served as a retaining wall to the chagrin of the population against the enactment of a new tax reform.
"I confess that this Dominican victory served to offset the negative effects of the tax reform that took effect in January. I enjoyed big victory, but the government went benefited because the town was integrated completely, following game by game, and that helped alleviate the annoyance of people to new taxes," said President Danilo Medina yesterday at the act tribute to Dominican players that won the World Cup event this year.
"I am proud of all of you and can be confident that the Dominican people also," Medina said, before a packed attendance in a large room on the third floor of the Presidential Palace.
Medina spoke at length about the significance of the event and also handed the rings to each of the players on the Dominican team that participated in the tribute luncheon.
Also team manager Tony Peña, general manager Moises Alou, the coaches and several leaders, including Tito Hector Pereyra, president of the Dominican Baseball Federation....
Tony Pena, champion manager, focused on highlighting the union that had players as key to victory. "The credit belongs to everyone, but especially of you who have done better than we ever made," Pena, who at one point had tears of emotion said.
Moises Alou, the manager stressed that he, Tony and Tito had received many tributes, but the main credit goes to the players, they did their thing. "This victory is yours, feel well and can be proud of it," Moses said.
The Most Valuable

For players spoke Robinson Cano, elected most valuable player of the world classic. "I am extremely excited and happy to have participated in this great triumph. Thank you all for your great support," Cano said, surrounded by several of his colleagues.

Cano chats w. DR Pres.
Santiago Casilla, pitcher, made a religious invocation thanking God for the victory.
The President then proceeded to the delivery of the Rings, with Tito and Moses, the sports minister Jaime David Fernandez Mirabal and Minister of the Presidency, José Ramón Peralta.
Almost all players of the winning team were present. Then they set out for a parade through several avenues of the capital, and in the evening an event at Quisqueya Stadium." photo from Listin Diario. google translation from Spanish. Image of Cano chatting with DR Pres. from El Nacional, 11/29/13


11/28/13, "Sincere President," Listin Diario, Santo Domingo, Hector J. Cruz. google translation

"It is not easy to gather so many people for one day. Bring Jose Reyes New York, Robinson Cano abandon its bargaining environment seeking $ 300 million; Fernando Rodney, who took a piece of metal to keep shooting arrows, Miguel Tejada, in not very good for him now, and there were also Wandy Rodriguez, Angel Castro, Santiago Casilla, Pedro Strop, Lorenzo Barcelo, Juan Cedeno, Edinson Volquez."...


11/27/13, "2013 World Baseball Classic Champion Dominican Republic team to be celebrated with parade in the D.R. on Thursday, November 28th," MLB.com press release

"Robinson Cano, Jose Reyes, Hanley Ramirez, Fernando Rodney and many more will be on hand for the celebration."


11/28/13, "Dominicans celebrate Classic title with parade," MLB.com, Carlos Molina

"Some of the other players in the parade were Hanley Ramirez, Nelson Cruz, Miguel Tejada, Francisco Pena, Wandy Rodriguez, Edinson Volquez and Fernando Rodney."...


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