Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Mad Dog on Letterman Nov. 25, 2013

Twelve and a half minutes total, Letterman brings up WFAN, Francesa and Arod events around 7:30. Mad Dog says he was a little surprised Francesa wasn't harder on Arod. At 9:35 Chris predicts Arod won't play in 2014. First part of interview was football related, at 3:30 Russo wins a point about Tom Brady. Letterman believes Brady's success is only due to Belichick. Russo has a higher opinion of Brady but says the combination of Brady and Belichick together has been the formula. Mad Dog fans will enjoy seeing him again. via J. Traina twitter

11/25/13, "Chris Russo Interview on David Letterman 25 November, 2013"

11/20/13, "Mike Francesa on Alex Rodriguez interview: I asked him all the tough questions," Newsday, Neil Best. image YES

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