Friday, August 02, 2013

Trenton Thunder radio say near record crowd tonight for Arod. Update, Friday 8/2 attendance was 2nd largest of 2013, 15th all time

Update: During Saturday night's game, Trenton Thunder radio said Friday night's attendance was 2nd largest of 2013, 15th all time.
8/2/13, Per Trenton Thunder radio, after Arod's third and final at bat, he handed each batting glove and his bat to young children in the crowd. He then signed for fans in the outfield. In his at bats, Arod walked, hit a 2 run home run "out to Route 29," and struck out. Announcers said Trenton Thunder record attendance in 2013 is 8200 which was 10th highest in 20 yr. franchise history, but tonight's final tally might exceed that. Arod is due to meet with Trenton area media in the next few minutes. I was listening when Arod went to the plate for his third at bat and I heard mostly cheers. Update, Sat., 8/3/13, I was listening when Arod approached the plate for his 2nd and 3rd appearances Sat. night, and again it was mostly cheers. Cheers started early, outnumbered boo-ers tried to pick it up at end.

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