Saturday, July 27, 2013

Texas Rangers reliever Scheppers attacked and sucker punched on Cleveland street 2 blocks from team hotel by group of young males, police said it happens a lot, wouldn't do any good to report it-UPDATED, Witness says no, Scheppers instigated and lost a bar fight

7/28/13, A witness says this isn't true, Scheppers was with a group of people, instigated it, and lost a bar fight

7/27/13, "Texas Rangers reliever Tanner Scheppers attacked on Cleveland street," Dallas Morning News, Evan Grant, Cleveland

"Texas Rangers RHP Tanner Scheppers was not available in Friday’s extra-inning loss to Cleveland because he was dealing with the after-effects of being attacked by “several young males,” on a street two blocks from the team hotel Thursday night.

Scheppers said he was out getting food Thursday night when he was attacked and “sucker-punched.He did not recall the time, but did contact the police. A report was not filed after Scheppers said police told him it was unlikely that anybody would be apprehended.

They said it happens a lot, actually,” said Scheppers, who had a blackened left eye and two small cuts above his nose. “I’m just lucky nothing serious really happened. I’m good to pitch for [Saturday]. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Scheppers had a headache after the attack and also was a bit shaken. Rangers officials said the team notified MLB security officials.

The Rangers did not use Scheppers in an 8-8 game Friday, opting to try and get three innings out of Jason Frasor. As he started a third inning, Frasor allowed two hits and then a game-ending homer to Ryan Raburn. After the game, manager Ron Washington gave mixed reports on Scheppers availability, telling reporters he was available, but indicating to his post-game radio interview that he was not." via Free Republic

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