Saturday, April 06, 2013

Vernon Wells gets second, third, and 4th John Sterling home run call, including 'the Bronx is Vernon'. Updated May 12, 2013

Update, 5/12/13, Vernon Wells hit a home run in the third v Royals, his 9th as a Yankee. Right before him Cano had hit a home run. John Sterling's call:

"Vernon Wells homers to deep left field, oh, the Bronx is Vernon! Wells and Cano go back to back and belly to belly, and the Yankees take a 3 one lead."


5/8/13, Vernon Wells hits a 2 run home run in top of the first in Colorado, his 7th as a Yankee. John Sterling's call:

"It is high, it is far, it is gone! Vernon Wells gives the Yankees a big lift! Boy, did they need that! He hits a 2 run home run in the left field seats. The Bronx is Vernon! He hits a 2 run dinger and the Yankees take a 2 nothing lead." final, 3-2, Yankees.

4/19/13, Vernon Wells hits 4th Yankee home run, top of the 7th in Toronto:

"The Bronx is Vernon!" Vernon Wells drills into the left field seats!


4/13/13, Vernon Wells hits third Yankee home run, bottom of 6th v Orioles at the Stadium, 1 out, bases empty. John Sterling's call:

"It is gone! Vernon Wells hit a bullet right down the line, soaring into the lower seats in left! Ah, the Bronx is Vernon! Vernon Wells hits his third of the year! The Yankees now trail 5-3." final 5-3, Orioles. 


4/6/13, Vernon Wells hit his second home run as a Yankee in the top of the second in Detroit:

"Swung on and drilled to deep left field, that ball is high, it is far, it is gone! Vernon Wells hits his second home run as a Yankee to tie the game! The Bronx is Vernon! And boy did he hit a bullet."...final score, 8-4 Detroit.


Ed. note: I note Sterling is saying "the Bronx is Vernon," not "the Bronx is Burnin" as I transcribed in Wells' first Sterling Yankee home run call. In the post game highlights today replaying his 2nd Wells call, Mr. Sterling kindly made clear that it was "the Bronx is Vernon."

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