Friday, April 26, 2013

Unofficial guide for a family of four to see a Yankee game for under $100-Crudele

4/24/13, "Yankee game on the cheap: an unofficial guide," John Crudele, NY Post

"The Yankees’ battle with StubHub is thankfully over. Neither side will give details, but the team claims the deal will benefit its fans. If the Yanks really want to help fans, then the team should require them to read this column....

I’m now going to tell you how a family of four can see a Yankees game for less than $100; not the $337 that a professional survey organization recently gave as the cost.

The team can put this column on its website if it really is thinking about fans, although I really don’t expect that to happen.

1. Buy a seat on StubHub for a weekday or other non-premium game. Tell the kids they can take the next day off from school and they won’t care that the opponent is Kansas City.
I recently got upper-deck seats for $4 each, plus a $3 StubHub fee. Tickets for tonight’s game are selling for as little as $8 online.
Total price for four: $28.

2. Grab sodas and waters from vendors outside the stadium for $1 apiece. Go ahead, splurge. Let everyone buy two.
The Yankees will let you bring plastic bottles into the stadium if the cap hasn’t been opened. Better yet, buy drinks at the supermarket for less.
Total: $8 or less.

3. The team is also inexplicably generous by allowing fans to bring their own food into the stadium. And that’s good because hot dogs inside cost at least $6.
Convince the kids that six-inch heroes from Subway are the way to go. There’s a Subway store right down the block from the Yankee Stadium; McDonald’s is even closer.
Total price for four sandwiches: $24.

4. There’s also a dollar store where you can get cheap junk food right under the subway trestle across from the stadium. Give the kids five bucks each and they’ll get sicker on snacks than they could ever dream of.
Junk food at the stadium will cost you at least five times as much.
Total for three kids: $15.

5. Skip the souvenirs. They are expensive inside and outside the stadium. Tell the kids they will probably catch a foul ball and that’ll be their souvenir.

They won’t catch a ball, of course. They’ll have a better chance of snagging an asteroid where you’ll be sitting. When the kids don’t have a ball by the ninth inning, they will be too tired to complain.

If they still insist, get yourself some new kids.

That adds up to $75. Transportation will set you back about $20, around the same for parking (if you look carefully) as taking the train. That should leave you almost enough to get a beer, which can’t be brought from outside the stadium and is $9.75 inside.

Don’t worry that you are slightly over budget.

You’ll deserve that beer just for taking the kids to the game."

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