Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Environmentally caring Californians leave 10,000 pounds of garbage on Earth Day Eve in Golden Gate Park following annual pot party, elites also left taxpayers with $10,000 clean up bill

4/21/13, "Golden Gate Park pot party a major mess," SF. Chronicle, Colliver

"San Francisco park workers and volunteers spent much of Sunday picking up and hauling away 10,000 pounds of garbage strewn all over the eastern part of Golden Gate Park known as Hippie Hill, the remnants of Saturday's annual yet unofficial pot-smoking bacchanalia.

But this year's annual celebration - which falls each year on April 20...drew a larger-than-average crowd of between 10,000 and 15,000 revelers on the warm weekend day. They proceeded to smoke, drink, eat and rack up more than $10,000 in costs for city crews to clean up the mess, ironically just before Earth Day.

Even by early Sunday afternoon, mounds of empty bags of chips, candy wrappers, snack containers, plastic cups, bottles and other debris still remained to be picked up...."It's almost completely unmanageable. There are no officials you can contact to deal with things so that's a frustration for us," said Lt. Simon Silverman of the San Francisco Police Department's Park Station, located near Hippie Hill. "The people paying for all of this are going to be the taxpayers, so it's not without cost.""...


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