Monday, April 29, 2013

ESPN to move baseball analysts out of the booth in experiment on Wed., May 1 Washington-Atlanta game

4/28/13, "ESPN to move baseball analysts near dugout," USA Today Sports, Michael Hiestand

"A TV baseball experiment on tap Wednesday – analysts out of the booth to instead be near dugouts.

On ESPN's Washington-Atlanta game, play-by-play announcer Sean McDonough will be able to stretch out in the booth -- analysts Mark Mulder and Doug Glanville won't be there. Instead those analysts will be positioned near dugouts, likely in the camera wells beside them – to get a field-level view.

This is the first time ESPN has tried that on baseball. But, McDonough recalls a similar test on college basketball two seasons ago when he stayed courtside midcourt and analysts Jay Bilas and Bill Raftery were sent behind baskets. The only problem, McDonough tells USA TODAY Sports, is it's "much more difficult to keep from talking over each other. You can use body language about who's talking next." Still, McDonough liked it."...

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