Saturday, March 16, 2013

David Wright revealed he'd been dealing with a rib condition for about a week

3/15/13, "Wright, Yankees catchers and Pujols/Cano," NY Post, Ken Davidoff

"(David) Wright revealed that he had been quietly dealing with a rib condition for about a week. Would he have quietly dealt with it if he had been partaking in the low-pressure environment of spring training, or would he have spoken up to the Mets’ trainers and sat out a few games? Even if he had played in a few exhibition games, would he have exerted himself as much?

Wright is going to protect the WBC, but questions like these exemplify why the event will never, ever, ever gain full acceptance within the baseball community. It might be unfair; certainly, Mark Teixeira’s right wrist injury seems like a total, could’ve-happened-anywhere fluke. Nevertheless, Major League Baseball’s core product – the whole deal where you try to win the World Series – is pretty big, and you can’t blame teams for wanting to control their assets as much as possible. Having players leave your jurisdiction for the WBC, during a time in which you usually fully control them, is fundamentally disruptive.

We’ll see how Wright does and enjoy the rest of the WBC, and we can look forward to similar issues, bad and good, arising four years from now."...

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